Pasta in vodka sauce

Ingredients: 350 g of pasta of your choice 1/2 head of red onion 400 g tomato sauce (1 can) 60 ml of vodka Slightly chili pepper 100 ml sweet sour cream 100 g of grated parmesan Chopped parsley, oil Salt, pepper Natural Body Care Products Preparation: Cook the pasta. Save half a cup of waterContinue reading “Pasta in vodka sauce”

Recipe for a great Espresso Martini

On warm summer days we are most looking forward to refreshing drinks like this Espresso Martini, which combines the two most representative drinks of Russia and Italy in its taste – vodka and coffee… a refreshing version of a classic cocktail. Ingredients: 5 cl of vodka 1 cl Kahlúa liqueur optionally sugar syrup 1 shortContinue reading “Recipe for a great Espresso Martini”