Turkish cuisine: Lahmacun – Turkish pizza

Lahmacun (Arabic: لحم بعجين‎ additionally lahmajun and different spellings) is a spherical, thin piece of dough topped with minced meat – most typically pork or lamb, minced vegetables and herbs consisting of onions, garlic, tomatoes, red peppers, parsley, and spices which include chili pepper, and cinnamon. Unlike pizza, lahmacun is not usually prepared with cheeseContinue reading “Turkish cuisine: Lahmacun – Turkish pizza”

Shambhala Cake – Turkish Specialty

Shambhala cake is extremely tasty and juicy. Fragrant and fresh lemon and orange supply this delicacy a special taste. This simple dessert is made without oil and eggs, and must stand for as a minimum three hours to be introduced to the table. Dough ingredients: 500 g of semolina 2 cups thick sour milk 1.5Continue reading “Shambhala Cake – Turkish Specialty”

Turkish specialty – Ezogelin soup – warms the soul

Ezogelin soup or Ezo gelin soup (Turkish: Ezogelin çorbası, “the soup of Ezo the bride”) is one of the most famous Turkish specialties, especially when it comes to soups. The name means “soup of the bride Ezo” in Turkish, and the legend says that the soup was invented by a beautiful girl who lived somewhereContinue reading “Turkish specialty – Ezogelin soup – warms the soul”

Turkish cuisine: An old Turkish dish “Sogan dolma” reminiscent of stuffed peppers

Sogan dolma in Turkish means stuffed onions. Rarely has anyone heard of the name of this dish “Sogan dolma”, but that is why the recipe and its preparation will be familiar to you, if you have made stuffed peppers at least once in your life. Dolma is the name used for any stuffed vegetables –Continue reading “Turkish cuisine: An old Turkish dish “Sogan dolma” reminiscent of stuffed peppers”