Quick Appetizer or Breakfast: Spinach Omelette

For this delicious spinach omelette we need: 400 g of spinach 8 eggs 60 g of flour 40g grated parmesan 200 ml milk (1 cup) 50 g of butter 1/2 onion 1 tablespoon sour cream Pepper, salt How to prepare: Add salt to the egg yolks and mix well with flour and parmesan. Add milkContinue reading “Quick Appetizer or Breakfast: Spinach Omelette”

Lentil and rice soup with carrot and spinach – lean

If you are fasting or a vegetarian, you must include this soup in your menu! Ingredients: 1 carrot 1 onion 2 cloves garlic 1 can of tomato peeled tomatoes 1 cup tomato juice 1/2 cup lentils 1/2 cup rice 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme 1 to 2 handfuls of fresh spinach 1 cup corn Pepper, oil,Continue reading “Lentil and rice soup with carrot and spinach – lean”

Irresistible Green pie with cheese

We all know how healthy green leafy vegetables are, but it is not always the favorite of the family. Prepare it in this juicy homemade pie and your loved ones will eat spinach, chard and broccoli for sweetness! Components: Dough: 400 grams of flour 2 eggs 130 grams of butter cut into strips 1/3 bagContinue reading “Irresistible Green pie with cheese”

Omelette with spinach and cheese – a delicious breakfast

Omelet with spinach and cheese is a very tasty breakfast. Components: (for 2 persons) – 100 g of spinach – 40 g of cheese – 4 eggs – 1 teaspoon of dry herbal spice – 20 g butter – salt, pepper Preparation: Clean the spinach, wash it, then soak it for two minutes in saltedContinue reading “Omelette with spinach and cheese – a delicious breakfast”

Spinach lasagna – with buckwheat peel

Lasagna with spinach and buckwheat peel is very tasty and light. And with the help of a sumptuous and fragrant nutmeg, we will enrich this dish. It’s getting ready fast. Components: – 250 g of buckwheat crust for lasagna – 250 g of spinach – 1 liter of milk – 100 g of butter –Continue reading “Spinach lasagna – with buckwheat peel”

Recipe – Pasta with spinach and bechamel sauce

Pasta with spinach is a quick, and very tasty dish. Ideal for days when you feel like eating something freshly made and you don’t have much time. Ingredients: – 400 g of pasta of your choice – 300 g of fresh spinach – 2 tablespoons butter – 2 tablespoons flour – 500 ml of milkContinue reading “Recipe – Pasta with spinach and bechamel sauce”

A salad meal with new potatoes, peas and spinach – without meat

A salad with new potatoes, peas and spinach can replace a meal and give you enough energy for the day, in addition it is delicious and rich in vitamins and minerals. Meat is not needed. The amount of salad is enough for 4 -6 people. Ingredients: • 900 g – 1 kg of young potatoes•Continue reading “A salad meal with new potatoes, peas and spinach – without meat”