Poppy (Papaver somniferum) – health benefits of poppy seeds

Poppy (opium poppy, opium cocoon, lat. Papaver somniferum) is considered one of the oldest plant cultures that have been grown for thousands of years. It is not known exactly where the plant comes from, the Middle East and Asia Minor are mentioned, and today it is grown all over the world where the climatic conditionsContinue reading “Poppy (Papaver somniferum) – health benefits of poppy seeds”

Pumpkin juice and oil – homemade recipe

Pumpkin juice is recommended for good work of the kidneys and cardiovascular system, for good digestion and mood. Also, this juice is beneficial against ovarian inflammation, as well as problems caused by menopause. You can easily make it yourself. Components:– 3kg peeled pumpkin– 7 l of water– 2 kg of sugar– Juice of two lemonsContinue reading “Pumpkin juice and oil – homemade recipe”

Health benefits of Watermelon seeds – protect the heart and strengthen muscles

Watermelon is a favorite treat, especially in summer, when temperatures are high and you are looking for some cooling. However, you should keep in mind that the seeds that many remove and throw away are very healthy. In order to use all the healing properties, the seeds need to be cooked, ground or baked. WatermelonContinue reading “Health benefits of Watermelon seeds – protect the heart and strengthen muscles”