Recipe: quick lunch from the oven with meat and potatoes

To prepare this dish, you need about 10 minutes, just cut the ingredients and put them in the pan. Then put it in the oven and you have no more work until it’s over. Cherry tomato and sour cream give a special flavor to this dish. Components: 1-1.5 kg of potatoes 500 g of porkContinue reading “Recipe: quick lunch from the oven with meat and potatoes”

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) – a natural antibiotic

Many experts claim that turmeric can help us treat liver problems, breathing problems, autoimmune disorders and neurological problems. Turmeric is a perennial herbaceous plant native to tropical South Asia. It belongs to the ginger family and is used as a spice. Many people in South India wear dried turmeric root beads around their necks asContinue reading “Turmeric (Curcuma longa) – a natural antibiotic”

Potatoes the Portuguese way – you haven’t tried the tastier potatoes

It is very tasty, when you prepare it this way, and it is a great side dish with meat. Ingredients needed: Potatoes – 4 pieces, medium Butter Salt Rosemary Dried ground peppers as desired Pepper as desired Way of preparation: Wash the peel of the potato and put it in a pot with water orContinue reading “Potatoes the Portuguese way – you haven’t tried the tastier potatoes”

Recipe for homemade Cranberry juice – which is a powerful antioxidant

Cranberry is considered one of the healthiest plants, because there are many things that it has a beneficial effect on, whether it is eaten as fresh fruit or drunk in the form of tea and juice. Cranberry juice has a beneficial effect on the health of the whole organism, improves immunity and relieves stress. TheContinue reading “Recipe for homemade Cranberry juice – which is a powerful antioxidant”

Greek cuisine: Stuffed peppers the Greek way

Make a real Mediterranean lunch and enjoy every bite. Ingredients: 6 Bell peppers 360 g of tuna 250 ml of Greek yogurt Spoon of mustard 1 Spring onion Juice of half a lemon 80 g Peanuts Salt and pepper 50 g of cheese Preparation: Cut the bell peppers in half, place in a pan andContinue reading “Greek cuisine: Stuffed peppers the Greek way”