Quince cheese – powerful source of energy – recipe

Quince cheese, also known as quince paste, is a sweet, thick jelly obtained by cooking pieces of quince with sugar and lemon juice. Chopped walnuts are most often added to this mass. This cheese is a powerful source of energy, and can also be taken as a medicine to improve digestion. It is a commonContinue reading “Quince cheese – powerful source of energy – recipe”

Quince jam – a traditional recipe

Quince jam is an old-fashioned dessert that will sweeten you and that you will love after the first bite. Quince is most often eaten processed into jam, juice, compote, tea, cakes, and even brandy. Quince is very healthy, it contains zinc, potassium, sodium and iron. It is used as a remedy for asthma, diarrhea andContinue reading “Quince jam – a traditional recipe”

Quince (Cydonia oblonga) – Autumn empress, fragrant and healing –

Quince (Cydonia oblonga) Quince is the autumn empress – you can eat it fresh, then cooked – as a famous quince sweet, but also as a compote. Its botanical name comes from the Greek city of Kydonia (today Chania) in the northwest of the island of Crete. This fruit is native to southwest Asia, andContinue reading “Quince (Cydonia oblonga) – Autumn empress, fragrant and healing –”