Mushroom soup – Healthy “forest meat” soup

Mushrooms or “forest meat” are a fantastic gift of nature. Champignons, but also other types of edible mushrooms, are a real treasure trove of medicinal ingredients. Fresh mushrooms contain about 2% protein, and dried as much as 20%. Mushrooms grown in the light are rich in vitamin D. They are also a good source ofContinue reading “Mushroom soup – Healthy “forest meat” soup”

Recipes with Shiitake mushrooms that you must try

Delicious and juicy Shiitake mushrooms with their fine taste and refined structure are used in various ways – in salads or fried and stewed. They are used fresh, dried or powdered as a spice. Dried ones have a more intense taste than fresh ones. Someone puts them on pizza, someone in ravioli or lasagna, it’sContinue reading “Recipes with Shiitake mushrooms that you must try”

Shiitake – exotic mushrooms that increase strenght and vitality

When food tastes great, it could be immediately suspected that it contains too much sugar and fat and is not healthy. However, in the case of the Shiitake mushroom, things are different: this fleshy mushroom is a delicacy and, in addition to excellent taste, also has significant, scientifically proven medicinal properties. Essential amino acids inContinue reading “Shiitake – exotic mushrooms that increase strenght and vitality”

Chaga mushroom(Inonotus obliquusis) – a strong antioxidant

It has been used in oriental medicine as a remedy for many diseases for centuries. This mushroom, despite its not very attractive appearance, contains a huge amount of nutrients important for the proper functioning of the body. Chaga is spread almost all over the territory of Russia, primarily in Siberia, the Altai, and the FarContinue reading “Chaga mushroom(Inonotus obliquusis) – a strong antioxidant”