Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) – a symbol of health

The medicinal plant wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) is widely known for all its healing powers and is one of the most valued and long-used medicinal plants. The ancient Greeks considered it a true symbol of health. Although it is a symbol of bitterness, its name comes from the Greek word artemis which means healthy. Legend hasContinue reading “Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) – a symbol of health”

Medicinal teas and Calendula oil – recipes and application

Medicinal herbs used to be much more cultivated, and Calendula was in great demand. Calendula is grown as an ornamental, and less often as a medicinal plant. The inflorescence is bright orange. Blooms from May to November. The flower is used in the treatment, and less often the whole plant or freshly squeezed juice, whichContinue reading “Medicinal teas and Calendula oil – recipes and application”

Calendula officinalis – Beautiful medicinal flowers

Calendula is one of the most widely used plants in phytotherapy, folk customs and magic of peoples around the world. In ancient Rome, it was believed that Calendula flowers sprouted on the grave of a vestal who died of grief, unhappily in love with a young Roman man. Science has shown, however, that this wonderfulContinue reading “Calendula officinalis – Beautiful medicinal flowers”

Chaga mushroom(Inonotus obliquusis) – a strong antioxidant

It has been used in oriental medicine as a remedy for many diseases for centuries. This mushroom, despite its not very attractive appearance, contains a huge amount of nutrients important for the proper functioning of the body. Chaga is spread almost all over the territory of Russia, primarily in Siberia, the Altai, and the FarContinue reading “Chaga mushroom(Inonotus obliquusis) – a strong antioxidant”

Food as medicine: Recipe for an elixir with honey, lavender, lemon balm and valerian

Honey is one of the best natural products because it has numerous medicinal and nutritional properties, which make it an indispensable part of a healthy diet. Honey has long been used as food, people have used it as a medicine, but it has also been used for face and body care. Honey was spoken ofContinue reading “Food as medicine: Recipe for an elixir with honey, lavender, lemon balm and valerian”

Beets (Beta vulgaris) as a medicine – healthy and tasty recipes

Even in ancient Greece and the Romans, the miraculous properties of beets were known. The Greeks used it to lower body temperature. The Romans used it in case of chronic constipation, and in addition to using it for medicinal purposes, there was a belief that if a man and a woman shared beets, she wouldContinue reading “Beets (Beta vulgaris) as a medicine – healthy and tasty recipes”

NETTLE (Urtica dioica) one of the most healing plants for cleansing the body – Tea recipe

If you have an iron deficiency in your body and you feel tired and useless, nettle is what you need. After a while, you will feel full of energy and health again. Dried nettles can be purchased at health care stores. You can harvest fresh young nettles in the spring. The younger and fresher theContinue reading “NETTLE (Urtica dioica) one of the most healing plants for cleansing the body – Tea recipe”