Chicken Salad With White Wine and Curry

Fantastic salad with chicken that you will enjoy. It is ideal as a complete meal. We need: – 350 g of chicken white meat – 3 tablespoons mayonnaise – 180 g of thick yogurt – 50 ml of white wine – 2 tablespoons curry – 2 stalks of celery – 2 young onions – 50Continue reading “Chicken Salad With White Wine and Curry”

Salad With Broccoli And Cauliflower – With A Little Work You Get The Perfect Taste

I often like to prepare a salad with broccoli and cauliflower. With a little work I get the perfect taste. It contains healthy ingredients, provides a feeling of satiety, so it can replace a complete meal. In my opinion, it provides an ideal dinner. Components: 1 head – about 450 g of broccoli 1/2 smallerContinue reading “Salad With Broccoli And Cauliflower – With A Little Work You Get The Perfect Taste”

Recipe: quick lunch from the oven with meat and potatoes

To prepare this dish, you need about 10 minutes, just cut the ingredients and put them in the pan. Then put it in the oven and you have no more work until it’s over. Cherry tomato and sour cream give a special flavor to this dish. Components: 1-1.5 kg of potatoes 500 g of porkContinue reading “Recipe: quick lunch from the oven with meat and potatoes”

Recipes with Shiitake mushrooms that you must try

Delicious and juicy Shiitake mushrooms with their fine taste and refined structure are used in various ways – in salads or fried and stewed. They are used fresh, dried or powdered as a spice. Dried ones have a more intense taste than fresh ones. Someone puts them on pizza, someone in ravioli or lasagna, it’sContinue reading “Recipes with Shiitake mushrooms that you must try”

Irresistible young potatoes – The most delicious recipes

Why are young potatoes so sweet? Here is the answer – their sugar has not yet become starch. Young potatoes have an irresistible taste, as well as a thin crispy crust. This delicious vegetable can be found in the season from April to July. When choosing young potatoes, choose those that are firm and undamaged.Continue reading “Irresistible young potatoes – The most delicious recipes”

A salad meal with new potatoes, peas and spinach – without meat

A salad with new potatoes, peas and spinach can replace a meal and give you enough energy for the day, in addition it is delicious and rich in vitamins and minerals. Meat is not needed. The amount of salad is enough for 4 -6 people. Ingredients: • 900 g – 1 kg of young potatoes•Continue reading “A salad meal with new potatoes, peas and spinach – without meat”

Refreshing cold kefir soup

This kefir soup is really refreshing, served cold. Ingredients:½ l kefir2 young onions, choppedFresh dill, chopped3 larger potatoes3 carrots1 larger cucumberA few radishesPepper, salt Preparation:Mix kefir, onion and fresh dill and put in the fridge.Cook carrots and diced potatoes. Strain and cool.Add boiled vegetables, diced cucumber and sliced radishes to the kefir. Season to tasteContinue reading “Refreshing cold kefir soup”