Homemade chestnut jam – tasty and healthy – recipe

This nut is a real treasure trove of nutrients, it does not contain cholesterol and it is very low in calories. Homemade chestnut jam is very tasty and healthy. And besides, you can use this jam to prepare cakes and pastries. To prepare chestnut jam, you need: One kilogram of chestnuts, a kilo and aContinue reading “Homemade chestnut jam – tasty and healthy – recipe”

Quince jam – a traditional recipe

Quince jam is an old-fashioned dessert that will sweeten you and that you will love after the first bite. Quince is most often eaten processed into jam, juice, compote, tea, cakes, and even brandy. Quince is very healthy, it contains zinc, potassium, sodium and iron. It is used as a remedy for asthma, diarrhea andContinue reading “Quince jam – a traditional recipe”

A traditional recipe for blackberry jam

For this sweet, we need three ingredients, you will see, it is very easy to prepare. And you don’t need a lot of time. Ingredients: Fresh blackberries Sugar Water Almost all sweets are prepared in a ratio of 1: 1. therefore, as much fruit, so much sugar. I made this sweet rule from wild blackberries.Continue reading “A traditional recipe for blackberry jam”

Homemade plum jam – a traditional recipe without chemical additives

We will prepare this plum jam according to an old traditional and proven recipe, with very little sugar, without preservatives and other artificial additives. And it is stored without problems for a year or more. Ingredients: 5 kg of ripe pitted plums 750 kg of sugar (150 g goes to 1 kg of plums) cinnamon,Continue reading “Homemade plum jam – a traditional recipe without chemical additives”

Recipe for the perfect jam of sour cherries, according to the recipe of our Grandmother’s

The period of fresh sour cherries has finally come, and here is how to make the most delicious sweet from them. Everything made from sour cherries is delicious, no matter if it is a pie with sour cherries, cakes, cherry juice, jam, marmalade or sweet cherries. This sweet and sour fruit is a favorite inContinue reading “Recipe for the perfect jam of sour cherries, according to the recipe of our Grandmother’s”