Stracciatella ice cream – make a famous masterpiece at home

Stracciatella ice cream is great for those who are not fans of pure chocolate ice cream, but still do not want to miss something chocolate in it. Stracciatella ice cream contains pieces of bitter chocolate, which gives it a fantastic taste and appearance. It was originally created in Bergamo, northern Italy, at the Ristorante LaContinue reading “Stracciatella ice cream – make a famous masterpiece at home”

Lemon ice cream – homemade recipe

An ice creamy lemon-flavored treat that will refresh you after your first bite. Components: – 6 egg yolks – 250 g of sugar – 2 tablespoons grated rind of lemon – 1 dl of freshly squeezed lemon juice – 1/2 l sweet sour cream (whipped in whipped cream) Preparation: Steam the egg yolks until theyContinue reading “Lemon ice cream – homemade recipe”

Watermelon and mint ice cream

If you like watermelon, you will also like this ice cream. It prepares in 5 minutes. We only need two ingredients. Watermelon – cleaned of seeds and bark Fresh mint Preparation: Put the cleaned watermelon in a blender. During that time, rub fresh mint leaves between your fingers, then chop them or add them toContinue reading “Watermelon and mint ice cream”

Homemade raspberry ice cream

It is possible to survive the summer heat only with a sufficient amount of ice cream. That is why today I have a homemade recipe for you that is easy and quick to prepare, and all purchased ice creams can envy its taste. Ingredients: For 4 servings 1 cup raspberries 1 cup sugar 3 eggContinue reading “Homemade raspberry ice cream”