Magic Tree – Cornelian Cherry – Dogwood(Cornus mas) – contains twice as much vitamin C as orange

Back in old times the ancient Greeks used to preserve its underriped fruit in salt water adding aromatic spices, and consummated them in the same way as olives. In Italy and South of France it is still prepared this way, and also used to make jelly and wine. In Germany, the Cornelian cherry fruit isContinue reading “Magic Tree – Cornelian Cherry – Dogwood(Cornus mas) – contains twice as much vitamin C as orange”

Zucchini, Turmeric (Curcuma) and Tomato Soup – Stimulates Blood Circulate and Accelerates Metabolism

This soup thanks to its simple element – turmeric – cleanses the body of toxins, stimulates blood movement and quickens metabolism. Ingredients: 1/2 kg of fresh tomatoes 1/2 kg zucchini 1 onion 1 tablespoon flour 1/2 teaspoon turmeric 1 liter of soup Butter, pepper, salt Starwest Botanicals Inc. Preparation: Fry the chopped onion and choppedContinue reading “Zucchini, Turmeric (Curcuma) and Tomato Soup – Stimulates Blood Circulate and Accelerates Metabolism”

Cauliflower soup – delicious, healthy and simple

This simple cauliflower soup can keep you warm in winter and refresh you in summer. It is a fasting soup, so it can be easily prepared on fasting days. Ingredients: 1 large cauliflower, 4 potatoes, 1.5 l of water, 3 tablespoons flour, 1 bunch of parsley, salt and pepper Preparation: Wash the cauliflower and separateContinue reading “Cauliflower soup – delicious, healthy and simple”

Pumpkin & Thyme spaghetti – healthy recipe

This is a healthy option for all those who love spaghetti. They are very tasty when prepared with pumpkin, and when seasoned with thyme. Thyme is a plant that gives strength because it stimulates mental and physical functions. It is used as a medicine in many cases. It is also excellent as a spice. Components:Continue reading “Pumpkin & Thyme spaghetti – healthy recipe”

Homemade chestnut jam – tasty and healthy – recipe

This nut is a real treasure trove of nutrients, it does not contain cholesterol and it is very low in calories. Homemade chestnut jam is very tasty and healthy. And besides, you can use this jam to prepare cakes and pastries. To prepare chestnut jam, you need: One kilogram of chestnuts, a kilo and aContinue reading “Homemade chestnut jam – tasty and healthy – recipe”

Vegetable soup with sour cream

This vegetable soup is one of my favorites. Although there are a lot of ingredients, the soup is made very simply. The more types of vegetables you add, the tastier each soup is. I adore this one, the finish of sour cream and eggs gives a special taste and smell. Ingredients: 100 grams of peasContinue reading “Vegetable soup with sour cream”

Zucchini cheese muffins – for a delicious breakfast

There is almost no person who does not like muffins. Whether they are sweet or salty, no one can resist their irresistible taste. When you don’t have time to stay in the kitchen, and you would like to please your family with a delicious and nutritious breakfast, then this recipe is perfect for the occasion.Continue reading “Zucchini cheese muffins – for a delicious breakfast”

Blueberry compote

Prepare blueberry compote when you want a sweet, but at the same time healthy dessert, for which you only need to set aside 20 minutes, and three ingredients – blueberries, lemon and coconut sugar. I promise you will like it. Preparation time: 20 minutesQuantity: 4-6 servings Ingredients: 1 cup blueberries, fresh or frozen 1 lemonContinue reading “Blueberry compote”

Delicious and healthy cream pea soup

This cream soup is full of vitamins and minerals, strengthens immunity, expels accumulated toxins, because its main ingredient is peas. This vegetable is rich in many important nutrients, including vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, K, minerals potassium, iron, magnesium and manganese. Due to its composition it has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system,Continue reading “Delicious and healthy cream pea soup”

Baked trout with vegetables – delicious and simple

Trout is a fish of clear waters, fast rivers and lakes, and is considered one of the most delicious European freshwater fish. Trout meat is easy to digest and does not have many bones, so it can be cooked, fried and baked. Trout tastes best when it does not weigh more than 250-300 grams. IfContinue reading “Baked trout with vegetables – delicious and simple”