Chicken with vegetables in the Greek way

Ingredients: 1 chicken weighing 1 ½ kg 750 g of potatoes 250 g of onion 4 fresh bell peppers 5 tomatoes 2 dl sour cream 1 egg 2 slices of bread dipped in milk Pepper, salt Preparation: Drain 2 slices of bread from the milk and strain. Add egg, pepper, salt and one head ofContinue reading “Chicken with vegetables in the Greek way”

Greek cuisine: Recipe for savory Greek pancakes

Greeks adore pancakes like this, and they make them with the famous tzatziki salad. Below is a recipe for pancakes and tzatziki salad. – Pancake recipe – Ingredients: 1 egg 200g flour 225 ml Goat’s milk 3.5% mm 225 ml of water 1dl oil Salt To charge: 400g Tzatziki Salad, Frying ingredients : Flour EggsContinue reading “Greek cuisine: Recipe for savory Greek pancakes”