Fig and walnut cake – ready in 5 minutes

This fig and walnut cake is really very quick to prepare, it is not baked. If you love figs and walnuts, make this great cake with a few more ingredients. Just chop everything, mix and leave to cool. It is very tasty. Ingredients: 150g chopped figs 150g chopped walnuts 150g of chopped Turkish delight (lokum)Continue reading “Fig and walnut cake – ready in 5 minutes”

Recipe: Focaccia with figs

The whole world love focaccia, flat bread originating from the northern parts of the Mediterranean, and it is assumed that the first focaccia was baked during the Etruscans and the ancient Greeks. Focaccia is a flat bread topped with olive oil and spices, and you can put tomatoes, figs and olives on it. . itContinue reading “Recipe: Focaccia with figs”

Figs (Ficus carica) – a miraculous fruit

Fig is a Mediterranean woody species. Originating in the Middle East and West Asia, it has been used and cultivated since ancient times, and today it is widely distributed around the world, as a fruit, and as an ornamental plant. Figs are rich in natural sugars, minerals and absorbent fiber. The minerals that predominate inContinue reading “Figs (Ficus carica) – a miraculous fruit”