Stuffed pumpkin with meat and cheese – a real delicacy

We can really prepare pumpkin in various ways. I bring you a recipe that is really delicious. Stuffed pumpkin with meat and cheese looks very nice, and is very easy to prepare. And I promise you the taste is fantastic. We will use a Hokkaido pumpkin. The taste of Hokkaido pumpkin is delicate, sweet andContinue reading “Stuffed pumpkin with meat and cheese – a real delicacy”

Korean cuisine – Kimchi the most popular Korean side dish – recipe

Korean cuisine has a lot to offer – from different types of grilled meat to spicy dishes and sweet rice cookies. In Korean cuisine, I especially like the large amount of healthy ingredients they use in their diet. The basis of every Korean meal is rice. It is served in a bowl to each oneContinue reading “Korean cuisine – Kimchi the most popular Korean side dish – recipe”

Chicken meat with bacon and cheese – fast and tasty

This way of preparing chicken is simple, and in a short time you will get an effective dish. Your guests will be delighted. Juicy chicken in combination with bacon and cheese, and also nicely baked – there is no better option for lunch or dinner. Components : 2 pieces of white chicken meat 4-5 clovesContinue reading “Chicken meat with bacon and cheese – fast and tasty”

Recipe for vegetarian seasonal vegetable stew

You can add tomatoes, peppers, green beans, zucchini and potatoes to this stew, and any other vegetable you like will be a good idea. We need: 1 onion 2 cloves garlic 100 g cherry tomatoes 2 peppers 2 larger zucchini 2 potatoes 1 larger carrot 100 g of beans 300 ml of water fresh parsleyContinue reading “Recipe for vegetarian seasonal vegetable stew”

Greek cuisine: Stuffed peppers the Greek way

Make a real Mediterranean lunch and enjoy every bite. Ingredients: 6 Bell peppers 360 g of tuna 250 ml of Greek yogurt Spoon of mustard 1 Spring onion Juice of half a lemon 80 g Peanuts Salt and pepper 50 g of cheese Preparation: Cut the bell peppers in half, place in a pan andContinue reading “Greek cuisine: Stuffed peppers the Greek way”