Irresistible Green pie with cheese

We all know how healthy green leafy vegetables are, but it is not always the favorite of the family. Prepare it in this juicy homemade pie and your loved ones will eat spinach, chard and broccoli for sweetness! Components: Dough: 400 grams of flour 2 eggs 130 grams of butter cut into strips 1/3 bagContinue reading “Irresistible Green pie with cheese”

Broccoli and eggs Muffins or omelet, choose, the taste is phenomenal

Muffins or omelets, is your choice. Changes are always welcome. So instead of baking it in the pan, bake the omelette in a muffin tin and enjoy. The taste is truly phenomenal. Ingredients: 8 eggs, 2 tablespoons sour cream, 200 g broccoli (can also be frozen), 100 g cheese, salt, pepper, to taste, oil asContinue reading “Broccoli and eggs Muffins or omelet, choose, the taste is phenomenal”

Recipe: Omelette with broccoli and cheese

As an ideal breakfast and quick to prepare, this omelet gives perfect energy and can be classified as a chrono diet. Components: 4 eggs 200 g broccoli 100 g cheddar cheese Salt, pepper. Preparation: Beat eggs, salt and pepper together. Heat a little oil in a pan. Add finely chopped broccoli and stir until lightContinue reading “Recipe: Omelette with broccoli and cheese”

A few healthy and delicious recipes for making broccoli

In free translation from Italian broccoli means branch, and it is most often used in its raw state, because then its nutritional value is the highest. These are vegetables that contain folic acid, then magnesium and calcium, as well as zinc. Iron, phosphorus, sodium and potassium are also present. There are many vitamins present inContinue reading “A few healthy and delicious recipes for making broccoli”