Beef steak with blackberry wine

I have written before about how healthy blackberry wine is for our body. Here is a recipe with steaks in blackberry wine. They are delicious. Ingredients: 600 grams of beef thigh steaks 5 cloves garlic 2 tablespoons fresh or dried parsley salt 2 decilitres of blackberry wine eggs and flour Preparation: Add salt to theContinue reading “Beef steak with blackberry wine”

Recipe for Homemade Blackberry wine – a natural remedy for anemia

Blackberry wine has long been used as a natural remedy for anemia. It also regulates blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and increases blood circulation. It is enough to drink a small glass of blackberry wine every day, on an empty stomach. Blackberry wine works well on skin diseases such as rashes, and thanks to vitamin C,Continue reading “Recipe for Homemade Blackberry wine – a natural remedy for anemia”

Blackberries – powerful antioxidants

Blackberries are as much as ten times richer in antioxidants than broccoli, which ranks them in the top ten healthiest foods. Incredible blackberries are rich in vitamins and minerals, fiber and antioxidants in the prevention of many diseases. This powerful fruit is low in calories, but very rich in vitamins C, E, folic acid, magnesiumContinue reading “Blackberries – powerful antioxidants”