Baked Red Grouper – The Most Delicious Recipe

The Red Grouper is one of the most prized members of the fish that lives at great depths along the seabed. Its flesh is tender and soft in structure and very tasty and juicy. It has very few bones. It is intended for true connoisseurs of sea fish, who know how to appreciate refined whiteContinue reading “Baked Red Grouper – The Most Delicious Recipe”

Vegetarian Dish: Roasted Vegetables

We need: 2 zucchini 1 blue eggplant 2 green bell peppers 2 tomatoes 1 onion Olive oil Thyme, major, rosemary, lavender Salt Pepper Bulk Herbs and Natural Products for Healthy, Natural Living Preparation: Clean and wash the vegetables. Cut it into rings. Put it in a larger salad bowl, pour over the oil, sprinkle withContinue reading “Vegetarian Dish: Roasted Vegetables”

Colorful vegetable pie full of vitamins

For this colorful pie, we need: 1 leek – not very large 1/2 red bell pepper 100 g of spinach 3 potatoes, about 600 gr 3 carrots Dough: 4 eggs 4 tablespoons oil 4 tablespoons milk 4 tablespoons flour 1 baking powder 1 teaspoon salt, pepper to taste More (for sprinkling): 50 – 100 gContinue reading “Colorful vegetable pie full of vitamins”

Broccoli And Eggs Muffins Or Omelet, Choose, The Taste Is Phenomenal

Muffins or omelets, is your choice. Changes are always welcome. So instead of baking it in the pan, bake the omelette in a muffin tin and enjoy. The taste is truly phenomenal. Ingredients: 8 eggs, 2 tablespoons sour cream, 200 g broccoli (can also be frozen), 100 g cheese, salt, pepper, to taste, oil asContinue reading “Broccoli And Eggs Muffins Or Omelet, Choose, The Taste Is Phenomenal”

Corn crispy salty cakes- for a delicious breakfast

Corn cakes are crispy, quick, ideal for breakfast. A healthy option for breakfast instead of bread, although they can be eaten alone because they already have bacon in their composition. They are ready quickly, so you can prepare them in the morning before work. You need a few ingredients that you probably already have atContinue reading “Corn crispy salty cakes- for a delicious breakfast”

Poppy seed cake – will enchant you with its smell and taste

The enchanting smell of this delicacy will spread throughout your home for days. Once your family members try it, you will have the obligation to prepare it every day, it is certain that everyone will like it. Components: 2 cups milk 2 cups sugar 1 cup oil 3 cups flour 1 baking powder 100g ofContinue reading “Poppy seed cake – will enchant you with its smell and taste”

Chinese cuisine – honey chicken

Chinese cuisine usually combines sweet and salty flavors and various spices, so their dishes seem complicated to us. However, this is not always the case. When it comes to honey chicken, the preparation is very simple.And the result is fantastic, you will get soft and juicy meat, which melts in your mouth. This recipe willContinue reading “Chinese cuisine – honey chicken”

Wine cake – a delicious cake that is prepared quickly

A little wine comes in handy with everyone’s favorite dish or with a chat with friends. However, leave one glass of wine to combine with the ingredients you will use when you make this delicious cake. So, we don’t need a lot of ingredients, which can be a real relief, so there is no listContinue reading “Wine cake – a delicious cake that is prepared quickly”

Mozzarella bread – melts in your mouth

This delicious mozzarella bread really melts in your mouth. Components: 250g flour 2 tablespoons sugar 1.5 bags of dry yeast 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 egg 125ml of warm milk Spread: 1 egg 2 tablespoons butter 1 clove of garlic 2 tablespoons spring onions 2 balls of mozzarella Preparation: Combine dough ingredients. Make a smooth doughContinue reading “Mozzarella bread – melts in your mouth”

Baked trout with vegetables – delicious and simple

Trout is a fish of clear waters, fast rivers and lakes, and is considered one of the most delicious European freshwater fish. Trout meat is easy to digest and does not have many bones, so it can be cooked, fried and baked. Trout tastes best when it does not weigh more than 250-300 grams. IfContinue reading “Baked trout with vegetables – delicious and simple”