Muffins with apples and almonds – a real fragrant delicacy

Try muffins with apples and almonds. It will delight you with its taste and smell. They are quick and easy to prepare. Ingredients: – 2 larger apples – 50 g of ground almonds – 100 g butter – 100 g of sugar – 2 eggs – 1 vanilla sugar – 250 g of flour –Continue reading “Muffins with apples and almonds – a real fragrant delicacy”

Candied Almonds – a real delicacy – prepare easily and quickly at home, the ingredients are almonds, sugar and water

You do not have to buy this sweet delicacy such as candied almonds. This is an old recipe and the procedure is quite simple. Try to prepare it yourself. They are a typical open air fair snack in Italy where in the Tuscany they are called “Addormentasuocere” but also common in other regions with differentContinue reading “Candied Almonds – a real delicacy – prepare easily and quickly at home, the ingredients are almonds, sugar and water”

Grilled Almond Stuffed Prunes in Bacon – Recipe

We need: 10 large prunes, 10 almonds, 10 slices of bacon. How to prepare: Pour water over the prunes and leave them to swell overnight. Boil them briefly the next day and remove the stones when they have cooled. Put peeled almonds instead of pits. Wrap each plum in bacon and secure with a toothpick.Continue reading “Grilled Almond Stuffed Prunes in Bacon – Recipe”

Cocoa Cinnamon Smoothie – Fantastic Smell and Taste

Try something new. Try the cocoa cinnamon smoothie with a fantastic smell and taste. Components: – 1 banana – 100 ml of thick yogurt – 250 ml of milk – 1 tablespoon of cocoa – a pinch of cinnamon – a little chopped almonds Preparation: Cut the banana, add all the ingredients except the almonds.Continue reading “Cocoa Cinnamon Smoothie – Fantastic Smell and Taste”

Juicy Chocolate cake with almonds and apples

This cake is a real juicy treat, we make it with chocolate, apples and almonds. Apples give juiciness and freshness to this cake. You will like it. Biscuit Ingredients: – 150 g of powdered sugar – 150 g of butter – 4 eggs – 50 g of flour – 1 bag of baking powder –Continue reading “Juicy Chocolate cake with almonds and apples”

Caprese cake: Italian chocolate cake

This cake is a real treat, and in Italy it is called “cake for people in love”. Ingredients: 250 g cooking chocolate 200 g butter 4 eggs 180 g sugar 300 g ground almonds powdered sugar for sprinkling fresh raspberries Preparation: 1. Coarsely chop the cooking chocolate, melt it in a bowl immersed in hotContinue reading “Caprese cake: Italian chocolate cake”