Tomato and garlic soup

Ingredients100 g bread crumbs-pretzels6 garlic cloves3 tomatoes, peeled and chopped1 teaspoon ground dry sweet pepper 2 eggsParsley, pepper, oil, salt Fry finely chopped garlic in a little oil and over low heat, add bread crumbs and fry until golden brown. Then add the tomato, ground sweet pepper, 1 liter of water, pepper, salt. When itContinue reading “Tomato and garlic soup”

Parsley and apple soup – try something new

Try something new, prepare a soup of baked parsley and apple We need:1 medium-sized root peeled and chopped primrose root1 medium-sized apple that you peeled and cut into quarters1 onion5 cloves of garlic1 teaspoon hot ground pepper (if you like hot)ThymeLarge sea saltFreshly ground pepper2 cups soupOlive oil In a small deeper pan, place theContinue reading “Parsley and apple soup – try something new”

Zucchini, turmeric (curcuma) and tomato soup – stimulates blood circulation and speeds up metabolism

Thanks to its ingredient – turmeric – it cleanses the body of toxins, stimulates blood circulation and speeds up metabolism. Ingredients:1/2 kg of fresh tomatoes1/2 kg zucchini1 onion1 tablespoon flour1/2 teaspoon turmeric (curcuma) 1 liter of soupButter, pepper, salt Fry the chopped onion and chopped zucchini in butter for about 5 minutes until the zucchiniContinue reading “Zucchini, turmeric (curcuma) and tomato soup – stimulates blood circulation and speeds up metabolism”

Lentil and rice soup with vegetables – lean

If you are fasting or a vegetarian, you must include this soup in your menu! Ingredients:1 carrot1 onion2 cloves garlic1 can of tomato peeled tomatoes1 cup tomato juice1/2 cup lentils1/2 cup rice1/2 teaspoon dried thyme1 to 2 handfuls of fresh spinach1 cup cornPepper, oil, salt Preparation:Fry finely chopped onion in a little oil, add choppedContinue reading “Lentil and rice soup with vegetables – lean”

Beef soup with semolina dumplings

Components:1 kg of beef (from breast, butt or fish)1 bunch green (carrot, parsnips, parsley, celery)1 small onion2 potatoes3 grains of pepper, salt Put the meat in a pot, pour cold water and cook.One hour before the meal, put the cleaned greens in the soup, the onion head cut in half and baked on the stove,Continue reading “Beef soup with semolina dumplings”