Grilled Almond Stuffed Prunes in Bacon – Recipe

We need: 10 large prunes, 10 almonds, 10 slices of bacon. How to prepare: Pour water over the prunes and leave them to swell overnight. Boil them briefly the next day and remove the stones when they have cooled. Put peeled almonds instead of pits. Wrap each plum in bacon and secure with a toothpick.Continue reading “Grilled Almond Stuffed Prunes in Bacon – Recipe”

Grilled Liver and Ham Skewers Recipe

We need: 300g of chicken liver, 300g of ham, Salt. Wash and dry the liver with a napkin. Cut the ham into cubes. Arrange a cube of ham and a piece of liver on a skewer and so on alternately. Bake on the grill for about 10 minutes, turning occasionally. Add salt only when itContinue reading “Grilled Liver and Ham Skewers Recipe”

Grilled Salmon Fillets

Grilled salmon is an unforgettable experience. We need: 4 salmon fillets, 100 g of mayonnaise, 1 dl of olive oil, garlic cloves, parsley, lemon juice, 1 dl of soy sauce, salt. How to prepare: Season the fillets with salt. Mix olive oil, parsley, garlic, soy sauce, mayonnaise, lemon juice. Coat the fillets with this marinadeContinue reading “Grilled Salmon Fillets”

Grilled Chicken – Simple Preparation, Very Juicy And Tasty

Grilled chicken in this way is very juicy and tasty. We need: 1 chicken of medium weight approximately 1.5 kg, pepper, salt, butter. Remove the wings and thighs from the chicken and cut it in half lengthwise on the back. Cut off the spine and remove all the bones from the back and chest. OnlyContinue reading “Grilled Chicken – Simple Preparation, Very Juicy And Tasty”

Grilled Chicken Burger

We need: ½ kg of minced chicken, 2 eggs, 3 tablespoons of breadcrumbs, half a teaspoon of salt, 2 cloves of garlic, ¼ teaspoons of pepper, a teaspoon of paprika. Preparation: In a large bowl, mix everything together: meat, pepper, salt, paprika, breadcrumbs, eggs and finely chopped garlic. Knead by hand until the mass becomesContinue reading “Grilled Chicken Burger”

Chicken Wings On The Grill

We need: 1kg of larger chicken wings, Paprika, Salt, Oil. Preparation: Cut off the top with chicken wings. Wash and dry them. Season each wing with salt, rub in paprika and oil. Leave them to stand for 2 hours to absorb the spices and oil and become juicy and soft. Light the grill well andContinue reading “Chicken Wings On The Grill”

Grilled stuffed burger, a specialty for true gourmets

We need: 1 kg of mixed minced meat, pork handkerchief, 4 cheese leaves Make 8 balls of meat. Make 8 burgers as follows: pour a piece of aluminum foil, put a ball, put another piece of poached aluminum foil over it, press with a plate. Put a sheet of cheese on the burger, put anotherContinue reading “Grilled stuffed burger, a specialty for true gourmets”