Grilled stuffed burger, a specialty for true gourmets

We need: 1 kg of mixed minced meat, pork handkerchief, 4 cheese leaves Make 8 balls of meat. Make 8 burgers as follows: pour a piece of aluminum foil, put a ball, put another piece of poached aluminum foil over it, press with a plate. Put a sheet of cheese on the burger, put anotherContinue reading “Grilled stuffed burger, a specialty for true gourmets”

Stuffed pork hanger on the grill

We need: ½ kg of pork curry, 100gr of smoked meat, 100gr of cheese, salt. Cut the pork loin into steaks and beat well with a meat pestle, season with salt. Put a slice of cheese on the peeled steak, put smoked meat over it, which you cut into sticks lengthwise. Roll out the porkContinue reading “Stuffed pork hanger on the grill”

Hot dogs with grilled bacon like you haven’t tried

We need 6 hot dogs and 6 thin slices of bacon Peel them. Wrap each hot dogs with bacon that has been cut into long belts. Bake on a hot grill for 5-10 minutes until the bacon turns yellow and crispy. Serve with mustard and mashed potatoes, and if you want something unusual and delicious,Continue reading “Hot dogs with grilled bacon like you haven’t tried”

Grilled prunes with bacon and almonds are irresistible

We need: 10 large prunes, 10 almonds, 10 slices of bacon. Pour water over the prunes and leave them to swell overnight. Boil them briefly the next day and remove the stones when they have cooled. Put peeled almonds instead of pits. Wrap each plum in bacon and secure with a toothpick. Place on aContinue reading “Grilled prunes with bacon and almonds are irresistible”