Dark chocolate mousse – recipe

If you love chocolate, and want to take some time to please yourself, then this creamy treat with dark chocolate is ideal for you. Ingredients: – 300 g dark chocolate (70% cocoa) – 1 tablespoon cocoa powder – 50 g of sugar – 3 eggs – 120 g whipped cream with chocolate flavor – ToastedContinue reading “Dark chocolate mousse – recipe”

Japanese pancakes – try this airy delicacy

Although it is a very simple dessert, airy Japanese pancakes will definitely leave an impression on everyone who tries them – see for yourself! Soft and juicy, and their smell captivates. They are a bit reminiscent of American ones, but they are twice as thick, while the dough is three times softer. Ingredients needed: –Continue reading “Japanese pancakes – try this airy delicacy”

Plum and cocoa cake

A fragrant pot with plums is a simple treat. The addition of semolina makes the biscuit a little different, the two colors of the dough interesting, and the discovery of juicy plum filling after rolling over – fun. Ingredients (for fruit) : 500-600g of ripe plums 2 tablespoons sugar 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon For dough: 2Continue reading “Plum and cocoa cake”

Recipe: Pancakes with sour cherries and cinnamon in wine

This “drunk” dessert will delight you. I think the combination of wine, cinnamon and sour cherries gives this delicacy a phenomenal taste. Components: 130 g flour, 2 eggs, some milk, little salt, 2 egg whites, 1 vanilla sugar, 2 dl red wine, 200 g sugar, 1 kg sour cherries, a little cinnamon, oil. Preparation: WashContinue reading “Recipe: Pancakes with sour cherries and cinnamon in wine”

Recipe: Panna cotta with raspberries

Panna cotta is a refreshing dessert that is quick to prepare.The main ingredients of panna cotta are sweet sour cream, milk, sugar and vanilla aroma, while the fruit part is the fruit of your choice. I used raspberries. You can also pour chocolate or caramel over it … Gelatin is added to the mixture ofContinue reading “Recipe: Panna cotta with raspberries”

Recipe for baked cake with peaches

Baked peaches in the cake have an irresistible taste. Ingredients: – 3 large peaches – 2 large eggs – 200 ml of yogurt – half a cup of sugar – half a glass of oil – 2 cups of sharp flour – Baking powder Preparation: Wash the peaches, peel them and cut them into smallerContinue reading “Recipe for baked cake with peaches”

A recipe for a refreshing lemon pie

This slightly sour, but again very sweet and refreshing pie will become a favorite of your family, after just one bite. Everything you need: 1 ¼ cup flour Two tablespoons of sugar Lemon peel Half a cup of butter One egg yolk For fil: 2 eggs 5 yolks A cup of sugar 1/3 cup sweetContinue reading “A recipe for a refreshing lemon pie”

Recipe for Tiramisu in a glass

Many people say that Tiramisu is the best Italian dessert. Tiramisu is a traditional very popular Italian dessert made of fine cream based on mascarpone cheese, biscuits dipped in coffee and finally sprinkled with cocoa. The original recipe for making Tiramisu involves the use of fresh eggs whipped with sugar combined with mascarpone and whippedContinue reading “Recipe for Tiramisu in a glass”

Recipe – cheesecake and fresh berries

Cheesecake and fresh berries will surely refresh you. For this cake you need medium skill in the kitchen. Preparation: 40 minutes. We need for the biscuit: 125 g flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 170 g sugar 1 bag of vanilla sugar, 170 g soft butter, 4 eggs Stuffing: 300 g berries, 7 white gelatin leaves,Continue reading “Recipe – cheesecake and fresh berries”