Quick Appetizer or Breakfast: Spinach Omelette

For this delicious spinach omelette we need: 400 g of spinach 8 eggs 60 g of flour 40g grated parmesan 200 ml milk (1 cup) 50 g of butter 1/2 onion 1 tablespoon sour cream Pepper, salt How to prepare: Add salt to the egg yolks and mix well with flour and parmesan. Add milkContinue reading “Quick Appetizer or Breakfast: Spinach Omelette”

Quick Appetizer: Eggs With Crabs

Very tasty and interesting appetizer. You will like it. For this quick appetizer we need: Eggs, Crab meat, Mayonnaise, Tomato- for decoration. Instructions: Boil the eggs, peel them and cut them in half. Take out the yolks. Add finely acquired crab meat to the mayonnaise and fill with egg whites. Arrange the tomato slices onContinue reading “Quick Appetizer: Eggs With Crabs”

Russian Salad – An Ideal Appetizer For Any Celebration

This is a salad you must try. It is ideal as an appetizer or side dish to any celebration. Components: 1 smaller chicken, weighing up to 1 kg 200 g of ham 200 g of carrots 200 g peas 2-3 potatoes 1 head of celery 200 g of cauliflower 2 pickles 250 g of mayonnaiseContinue reading “Russian Salad – An Ideal Appetizer For Any Celebration”

Rice Omelette – Quick Appetizer

Ingredients: 200gr of rice 100gr butter 3 ml soup 5 eggs 20gr parmesan 1 tablespoon bread crumbs Parsley leaf White pepper, Salt. Preparation: Cook the rice in the soup until it becomes loose. Whisk the egg yolks with one part butter and mix them with the rice. Add grated parmesan, pepper, salt, chopped parsley, andContinue reading “Rice Omelette – Quick Appetizer”

Vegetable Pie – Interesting Appetizers

Vegetable pie, prepared in this way looks really beautiful and unusual when presented as an appetizer. It is not difficult to prepare. Components: 1 liter of water 7-8 sheets of gelatin 3-4 grains of pepper Vegetables, of about 100g each, cauliflower, peas, green beans and carrots Salt. Preparation: Boil the vegetables in salted water. DrainContinue reading “Vegetable Pie – Interesting Appetizers”

Colorful vegetable pie full of vitamins

For this colorful pie, we need: 1 leek – not very large 1/2 red bell pepper 100 g of spinach 3 potatoes, about 600 gr 3 carrots Dough: 4 eggs 4 tablespoons oil 4 tablespoons milk 4 tablespoons flour 1 baking powder 1 teaspoon salt, pepper to taste More (for sprinkling): 50 – 100 gContinue reading “Colorful vegetable pie full of vitamins”

Quick appetizer: eggs stuffed with mayonnaise

Boil the eggs hard, peel them and cut them in half. Take out the egg yolks and put thickly beaten (or bought) mayonnaise in their place.Put each half of the egg on a small salad leaf. Arrange the eggs on a shallow glass bowl, pass the remaining yolks through a press and cover the eggsContinue reading “Quick appetizer: eggs stuffed with mayonnaise”