Elixir With Honey, Lavender, Lemon Balm and Valerian – A Remedy for Stress and Insomnia

Honey is one of the best natural products because it has numerous medicinal and nutritional properties, which make it an indispensable part of a healthy diet.

Honey has long been used as food, people have used it as a medicine, but it has also been used for face and body care. Honey was spoken of as a “gift from heaven.” Nectar and food of the gods are words that were used throughout the ancient world to describe…

In the fight against stress and insomnia, folk herbalists recommend lemon balm, lavender and valerian root.

Since dried herbs soaked in honey have the strongest effect, the elixir based on lavender flowers, valerian root and lemon balm leaves in honey gives excellent results for relieving stress, and it is also effective for people who suffer from insomnia.

This intoxicating honey, in addition to its perfect taste, also has many natural healing properties, which makes it an ideal food for starting a healthy and successful day.


– 1 kg of acacia honey

– 1 tablespoon dried lavender flowers

– 1 tablespoon dried lemon balm leaves

– 1 tablespoon dried valerian root


Pour the herbs into a clean and dry glass jar, then pour acacia honey over it. Close the jar tightly and shake the contents, then leave it to stand for 48 hours in a dark and cool place. After 48 hours, the honey is ready for use (no need to strain it!).

Application: It is used by taking two tablespoons of honey an hour before going to bed if you want to cure insomnia or in the morning, before breakfast if you are expecting a stressful day.

You can also use the elixir in the form of tea – pour one tablespoon of the elixir with 200 ml of boiled water, stir and drink.

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