Korean cuisine – Kimchi the most popular Korean side dish – recipe

Korean cuisine has a lot to offer – from different types of grilled meat to spicy dishes and sweet rice cookies. In Korean cuisine, I especially like the large amount of healthy ingredients they use in their diet. The basis of every Korean meal is rice. It is served in a bowl to each one individually. The main dish is usually placed in the middle of the table in a large bowl.

Spices that you will not avoid while eating Korean food are gochujang (chili paste), gochugaru (chili flakes), soy sauce and doenjang (soy paste), and sesame, sugar, salt, pepper, sesame oil, fish sauce are also used.

The most commonly used vegetables are cabbage, perilla leaves, all kinds of onions, spicypeppers, algae, beans, mushrooms …

The korean side dish you have to try first is kimchi. It is the basis of every Korean meal, and it is interesting that families all over Korea also have a special refrigerator in which they store kimchi.

Kimchi usually becomes too sour when stored in a conventional refrigerator for about a week. In contrast, kimchi can be stored up to 4 months without losing its qualities in a kimchi refrigerator.

Traditionally, kimchi is kept in the ground in a large clay pot to prevent freezing during the winter months. This was the primary method of storage throughout the seasons, and during the summer, storage in the ground kept the kimchi cold enough and thus slows down the fermentation process.

Kimchi is a fermented and spicy vegetable, and the most common are cabbage, cucumber, radish, onion. The seasoning of kimchi varies from family to family, and most often it is a mix of chili, onion, sugar, ginger and fish sauce.

Recipe for summer kimchi

Ingredients for kimchi sauce:

1/4 pear
1/4 apple
4 red peppers (hot to taste)
1/4 onion
70g fish sauce
70g garlic
5g ginger
10g of sugar
100g of cooked sticky rice
100g of dried ground pepper

Additional ingredients:

  • Choose your favorite vegetables as a base – Chinese cabbage, cabbage, cucumber
  • 100g radish
  • 50g spring onions


  • Chop all the ingredients for the sauce with a mixer / blender
  • Cut the main vegetables (cabbage), radishes and onions into smaller pieces, add salt and leave to stand for 30 minutes.
  • Wash the vegetables and drain
  • Put the salted vegetables in a large bowl and mix with the kimchi sauce.


I dedicate this post to the wonderful Ankita who has expressed a desire to write any recipe from Korean cuisine, which she has heard a lot about. πŸ’•

This is, of course, just an introduction to this cuisine, which really offers a lot of wonderful dishes.

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