Homemade plum jam – a traditional recipe without chemical additives

We will prepare this plum jam according to an old traditional and proven recipe, with very little sugar, without preservatives and other artificial additives. And it is stored without problems for a year or more.


5 kg of ripe pitted plums

750 kg of sugar (150 g goes to 1 kg of plums)

cinnamon, to taste

a little clove

2 bags of vanilla sugar.


  • First remove the stones from the plums, put them in a small bowl, add sugar (a row of sugar – a row of plums), and leave them to stand for a few hours (preferably overnight).
  • Transfer the plums with the already melted sugar to a wider pot and cook over medium heat for about 3 hours, stirring constantly so that they do not burn – especially before the end of cooking.
  • Cook over a moderate heat to simmer gently, until the jam gets such a density that it is difficult to return, when we pull the bottom of the pot with a food processor.
  • Towards the end add cinnamon, cloves and vanilla.
  • When it is cooked, and while it is still boiling on the fire, pour the jam almost to the top into clean, dry and warm jars.
  • Close them well with a lid, immediately turn them upside down and leave them to stand for several hours at room temperature.

Tip with this recipe

* The easiest way to check if it is cooked is to take out a few tablespoons of jam and cool it on a plate. When you drag that spoon over the jam, there should be a trace on the plate that does not connect. If the opposite happens, it is a sign that the jam is still rare, so continue cooking until it boils.
* In order not to crack, the jars must be warm before pouring the hot jam. You can add 1 tablespoon of hot jam to each one first, and when they are cloudy, the jars are ready to be filled without risk.

Or here’s an even better way: I wash the jars well, and then while cooking the jam I turn each glass jar (without lid) on the stove top, at a temperature of up to 100 Β° C. Minimum half an hour (I leave them for 2-3 hours, just until the jam is cooked). This way we sterilized them, and they are warm, so they won’t crack. We pour hot jam into them and immediately close with a lid. Sterilization is complete. Turn them upside down, leave for a couple of hours to cool to room temperature.

We store in a cool and dark place for more than a year.


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