Blackberries – powerful antioxidants

Blackberries are as much as ten times richer in antioxidants than broccoli, which ranks them in the top ten healthiest foods. Incredible blackberries are rich in vitamins and minerals, fiber and antioxidants in the prevention of many diseases.

This powerful fruit is low in calories, but very rich in vitamins C, E, folic acid, magnesium and manganese.

These small berries are rich in polyphenols that help the body fight free radicals and prevent heart and blood vessel diseases.

Thanks to the high content of dietary fiber, blackberries significantly contribute to reducing the risk of diabetes, diseases of the digestive system, and are a valuable ally in reducing excess weight.

Blackberry seeds, in addition to fiber, also contain a high concentration of acids. This powerful antioxidant fights chronic diseases in various ways. Research has shown that cooking blackberries does not destroy the structure, so you can prepare it in this way as well.

Blackberry flowers

In addition to all this, blackberries have a very beneficial effect on the health of the heart, skin, eyesight and health in women.

They are very good for digestion because only one cup a day contains 30 percent of the recommended daily dose of fiber, so they are also recommended for diabetics.

Medicinal blackberry juice

Freshly made blackberry juice is one of the ways to experience the healing properties of blackberries in liquid form. It takes 3 cups of fresh blackberries to make a serving of 1 cup of fresh juice.

Accordingly, the healing properties of blackberry juice are really numerous.

Potassium content

  • A portion of 1 cup of blackberry juice contains as much as 700 milligrams of potassium. This is 15% of the recommended dietary potassium intake for adult men and women, and 13.7% of the recommended daily intake for pregnant women.

Vitamin B

  • A serving of 1 cup of blackberry juice contains 108 micrograms of folate, which provides 27% of the recommended daily intake of folate for adult men and women, and more than 21% of the recommended daily intake for pregnant women. Folate is a B vitamin, and is sometimes called vitamin B9.

Folate is essential for brain function, maintaining mental and emotional health, and assists in DNA synthesis, repair, and function.

Folate deficiency is one of the most common vitamin deficiencies. Insufficient folate intake leads to impaired proliferation of all rapidly dividing cells.

Vitamin C

  • A serving of 1 cup of blackberry juice contains more than 90 milligrams of vitamin C. This provides more than 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C for adult.

Over 100 species of blackberries are known and they are all equally medicinal.

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  1. Ah, a lovely post, and one of my favorite berries, second only to blueberries; and, blackberries grow wild here. Is amazing. Excellent, dear Sophia. Wishing you a beautiful week. πŸ’™πŸ¦‹πŸ’œ

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