Rose – the magical queen of flowers- syrup recipe

Gentle and delicate rose buds have always been a symbol of elegance, nobility and beauty. Their origin is lost in ancient prehistory, and today about two hundred species are grown on all meridians. Ancient roses are the oldest hybrids.

Modern bushy roses bloom from June to September, while climbers bloom several times a season and are very lush. There are also miniature roses that grow in small bushes and have a semi-double flower.

There are a large number of wild roses, the fruit of which is rich in vitamin C and is used in the diet and for the preparation of teas.

Wild rose flowers

The rose stands out with its beauty and fragrance in numerous bouquets and is almost always chosen for special occasions when we want to emphasize the solemnity and importance of the moment with flowers.

But the magical queen of flowers also has healing properties because its velvety petals hide vitamins A, C and E, flavonoids and other bioactive compounds skin.

We suggest that you refresh yourself in the coming warm months with a cold rose drink whose preparation really does not require a lot of time and great culinary skills.

Rose syrup recipe:

  • Fill three-quarters of a 5-liter jar with rose petals.
  • Add 40 g of citric acid, pour water almost to the top. Cover with a plate, but not with a lid.
  • Leave for ten days in the sun.
  • Strain.
  • Sugar (as many liters of liquid as there are kilograms of sugar).
  • stir and let stand in a covered bowl until the sugar has dissolved.
  • Pour the syrup into bottles and close well.

Note: Use only homemade roses, or those that you are sure are not sprayed with pesticides. Fragrant and bushy garden roses are ideal .

I am sure you will enjoy it because of its special taste, but also its attractive color.

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