Health benefits of Watermelon seeds – protect the heart and strengthen muscles

Watermelon is a favorite treat, especially in summer, when temperatures are high and you are looking for some cooling.

However, you should keep in mind that the seeds that many remove and throw away are very healthy. In order to use all the healing properties, the seeds need to be cooked, ground or baked.

Watermelon seeds contain dietary fiber necessary for the normal functioning of the digestive tract. Watermelon seeds contain the substance citrulline, which acts as an antioxidant, accelerates the expansion of blood vessels and has a beneficial effect in the case of atherosclerosis, hypertension, angina pectoris.

They also strengthen the heart, but also all the muscles in the body. The use of these seeds either in the form of tea or snacks is recommended to strengthen memory and concentration, but also to glow, tighten and beautify the skin.

Watermelon seed tea is one of the best medicines for cleansing the kidneys and bladder. It removes kidney stones and sand, cleanses the bladder and urinary tract, and is also recommended for diabetics as an effective means of treating type 2 diabetes.

These dark seeds are rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant also found in tomatoes. In addition, they contain large amounts of magnesium and zinc. They are recommended for people with chronic fatigue.

In the early 20th century, the famous Edgar Cayce, the father of holistic medicine, wrote that watermelon seeds are a healthy ingredient, especially useful for treating the kidneys and bladder. According to him, the use of tea from fresh watermelon seeds is a great diuretic and is recommended for removing stones and sand in the kidneys, cleansing the kidneys and urinary tract.

Cayce recommends the following recipe:

Take 4 tablespoons, exclusively fresh, of watermelon seeds that are crushed or chopped and boiled for 15 minutes in 2 liters of water. This amount should be distributed and drunk during two days, and there is a break on the third day.

The process thus continues for several weeks at the same intervals, two days of use with one day break.

They improve memory and tighten the skin, no matter how you consume them. You can even nibble them, it is only important that they are somehow crushed in order to release the active ingredients.

You can also use watermelon seeds as a tasty snack similar to pumpkin seeds. It is necessary to wash only black seeds, put them on paper or some surface and dry them completely. After that, bake them in a pan or oven at a medium temperature for 20-25 minutes. Do not use too high temperatures to preserve the useful ingredients. Stir a tablespoon of salt in 2 dl of water and occasionally sprinkle (small amounts) seeds with this water while they are baking. The water will evaporate and the salt will stay on the seeds. The seeds are very tasty and retain most of the useful ingredients with this use. Saved like this, they are a favorite specialty in Egypt.

Watermelon seeds are a great source of magnesium, iron, vitamins A, B, C, antioxidants, calcium, potassium, manganese, and healthy fats.

Due to its nutritional value, it is a pity to throw away watermelon seeds, use them!

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