Recipe for the perfect jam of sour cherries, according to the recipe of our Grandmother’s

The period of fresh sour cherries has finally come, and here is how to make the most delicious sweet from them.

Everything made from sour cherries is delicious, no matter if it is a pie with sour cherries, cakes, cherry juice, jam, marmalade or sweet cherries. This sweet and sour fruit is a favorite in desserts, precisely because of its specific taste. They are rarely eaten raw because they have a sour taste.

More ingredients such as cherries or raspberries can be added to this old recipe. Sour cherries go well with this fruit.

Recipe for sour cherry jam:

This is a sweet sour cherry according to our grandmothers’ recipe, which has been tested. All you have to do is follow it step by step and there are no mistakes, even if you are a total beginner in the kitchen.


–  1 kg of sour cherries,

– 1 kg of sugar,

– 1 dc of water,

– 1 lemon


– The most important thing when making this sweet is to choose ripe and firm sour cherries, because they will not fall apart when cooked. And when you cook sweets, the goal is to keep the fruit whole. The next step is to wash and clean the cherries. And here you need to be careful because when you remove the pits you can damage the cherries.

– The next step is to put the sour cherries in the pot and sprinkle a kg of sugar over them. Let the sour cherries stand overnight to release their juice. Then you will not need much water, because the fruit will be cooked in its own juice.

– Tomorrow morning, put the put on the stove and cook it sweet. It is very important not to mix sour cherries, because that way they will fall apart, and your goal is to preserve the whole fruit. It is enough to shake the pot from time to time.

– The jam should boil between 20 and 30 minutes. Foam will appear on the surface, which should be removed with a spoon. If you don’t remove the foam, you run the risk of it getting sweet faster.

– Be careful that this sweet-sour dessert is not too thick, nor too sparse. You can easily check this by putting one spoonful of sweet on the tray, leave it to cool for 10 minutes. If it is not too liquid and if the sour cherries have not released their water, it is just a sign that the sweet is cooked enough.

– Sour cherries sometimes know how to cheat and release their juices, and then the sweetness of cherries turns out to be more liquid than it should be. You will avoid this trap by leaving the cherries to release water overnight.

– Set the sweet aside to cool and cover it with a wet cloth. The next day, put it in sterilized jars and store in a dry and dark place.

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