Green is the color of spring – cleanse the body of toxins with green vegetables

Spring is the time to get rid of everything that is excess – make the natural spring detoxification process easier for your body.
According to traditional Chinese medicine, spring is the best time to cleanse the liver.

Green is the color of spring! The splendor of chlorophyll and minerals will nourish your body, and at the same time it will perform a mild and necessary detoxification.
Green foods cleanse the body very well, help maintain the line and the quality of the skin.

Broccoli, young cabbage, chard, spinach, brussels sprout – they are rich in beta carotene, folic acid, vitamin C, calcium and iron. We cannot replace these ingredients with any vitamin-mineral preparation.

Green leafy vegetables do not contain fat, they are rich in plant fibers necessary for good digestion, and they also contain – chlorophyll! Chlorophyll is an important antioxidant that enriches our blood and helps restore red blood cells and hemoglobin.

Some types of green leafy vegetables (especially spinach and chard) contain higher amounts of oxalic acid (it breaks down calcium from the body and prevents its absorption, and contributes to the formation of kidney stones), so it is especially important to cook such vegetables before use.

When cooking green leafy vegetables, you should always boil the water first and only then put the vegetables. This vegetable is cooked from about twenty seconds (young radish leaves, and other young leaves) to a maximum of 3-4 minutes.

The best indicator of whether this vegetable is sufficiently or too cooked is its color: the bright green color is a sign that the food is well cooked and still contains nutrients, while the olive color indicates that the vegetables are overcooked

Of the legumes, the lentil is definitely the star of spring. green, brown or any other. Lens is ideal for soups, stews, side dishes …
Use only quality cold pressed oils. Olive oil is best for spring, but don’t overdo it. A spoon or two is enough for frying.

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