Beefsteak with grilled cheese

We need: 800 g of beef or veal, 5 slices of full-fat cheese, 2 cloves of garlic, parsley, salt.

Cut the steak into 3 cm thick steaks. Coat the meat with chopped and crushed garlic. Leave to stand in the cold for about an hour.

Bake on a well-heated grill. If you want less roast – the meat should retain its brown color, for semi-roast, wait for drops of juice to appear on the surface. If you want a well-roasted steak, wait for the drops from the surface of the meat to disappear. Be sure to salt the meat only at the end of roasting.

Put a piece of cheese on the baked steak and take care that the cheese does not melt, it just needs to soften a bit.

Garnish with primrose, serve with a seasonal salad of your choice.

Published by Sophia Dane

I like to cook and collect interesting recipes. I love traveling, meeting new places and people. I like a good book...

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